Meet Dave and Amanda

From Humble Beginnings to Serene Getaways

Nestled on the shores of East Traverse Bay, the Mitchell Creek Inn has become a cherished getaway for many. Behind this pet-friendly oasis lies a tale of passion, service, and dedication. Dave and Amanda Hays, the driving forces behind the Inn, have been crafting unforgettable memories for guests since 2008. Dive into their heartwarming journey and discover why a stay with us is so special. If you are looking for the perfect oasis for your next adventure, look no further than Mitchell Creek Inn. Contact us today to book your perfect getaway.

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A Leap of Faith

In 2008, a new chapter began for two U.S. Army/Reserve veterans, Dave and Amanda Hays. Their unwavering commitment to service led them to take a leap of faith, diving into the hospitality industry by purchasing Mitchell Creek Inn. Their mission? To offer a serene, welcoming environment for all who sought the beauty of Traverse City.


It's All About Passion

For Dave and Amanda, running the Mitchell Creek Inn isn’t just a business; it’s a "Labor of Love." From the meticulous design of each cabin stay to ensuring guests have a myriad of Traverse City outdoor activities at their disposal, their dedication shines through in every facet of the Inn. Their passion is palpable, making each stay uniquely memorable.


Recognized Excellence

Their hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. The Mitchell Creek Inn proudly boasts the 2023 Best of Traverse City Award in the Hotels category. This recognition reflects Dave and Amanda's commitment to excellence and their ability to bring the best out of the local community.


Serving with Heart

Beyond the Inn, the dynamic duo has always prioritized serving others. Whether volunteering, taking up roles as ambassadors, board members, or committee chairs, their zest for community service remains unparalleled. They believe in giving back, proving that success is best when shared.

Now that you’ve glimpsed into the journey of Dave and Amanda, it’s time for you to be a part of their story. Whether you're seeking a tranquil cabin stay or eager to indulge in the myriad of Traverse City outdoor activities, Mitchell Creek Inn awaits you with open arms. Book your getaway today and experience the magic firsthand.

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They are gentle and fun-loving! Well behaved and willing to please, these two are always ready to welcome YOU!